Getting started building your website today at Murraybiz!

Before we can get started on your website, we need to sit down with you to get information from you. So there is some preparation for you before we begin.

1. What do you want your website to do for you? Show products or services? Sell products or services? Do you want pictures or videos? Prices?
you will need to gather all of this information. If you have pictures and videos, we can use them. We can also make pictures and video, if you don't.

2. We prefer to have all of the information you give us in digital format if possible. If you do not have it that way, we can scan and retype, but that
add to your cost. We have professional photography, video, and audio services available.

3. We will need to figure out a general map of the different pages you want, and the information you want on each page.

4. Then we will need to determine your target market, and who you would like to get to click on your website. We then put in keywords to attract
those people to click on your site when they type in the search in Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

5. After collecting all of this info, we will build your custom site, and let you preview it. We will then make whatever changes you desire, and
then . . . You are on the web!

6. We can also give you custom emails at your domain, for a really professional presence.

7. You may opt for more search engine presence, which is also available. There are lot's of options.

8. Websites start at $300 for a custom site, and go up from there, depending on what options you desire.

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